(Short,Medium,Long) Healthy Hair Tutorial & Hint

What you need to do for healthy hair?

Healthy hair (Short,Medium,Long) is beautiful hair. But when there are so many external factors that threaten our hair, it is not easy to maintain their health and beauty. See what specialists offer for healthy glowing hair:

Washing and drying without wear

Wet hair is very fragile, they want to be treated with care.

1. Normal hair:

Feed the shampoo in a circular motion with a hairdryer, then rinse thoroughly. If shampoo is left over, your hair will dull and dry. Here’s the rule: Use three times as much time as you spend on shampooing. Once your hair has been dulled, it has to be a little hardened and gritty while the wires are separated from each other.

2. Extremely dry hair:

Distribute the shampoo only with your hands to the lower part of the wet hair and feed it lightly. The shampoo which will flow through the hair thinning while pouring is enough to clean the hair. So you have prevented your hair from drying out a bit more.

3. Two-in-one products:

These products both wash and maintain. They are practical but not suitable for daily use. Because most of those products contain silicon oil. First they make the hair soft, but they accumulate on the surface of the hair tresses on the long vaults and make the hair heavy. Use only 1 time per week.

4. Always be polite:

wet hair, slightly swollen. So they can break very quickly. Discrete gear for scanning Use a rubber or mens handmade comb (if possible). Do not choose cheap plastic combs.

5. Rinse with warm water:

You can not wash your cashmere with hot water. Because our hair is sensitive at the same time, they do not like very hot water. Warm water is ideal for not damaging your hair. Even those who can succeed should wash their hair with cold water. Cold water gives excellent shine to hair.

6. Best fiction strategy:

Carefully separate your hair after you wash it. Dry with a heated towel from the front. Bring the foil machine to the lowest level and fry it to full dryness without mixing the hair too much. Then bring the fountain to a higher temperature and begin to shape it with a round brush. Keep the hair dryer at least 15 centimeters from your hair.

7. Are you stressed?

If you massage your head while washing your hair, you activate the secretion of the hormones of happiness. How Does? Massage the feet to the hair shaft by drawing circles with your fingertips. Go back to your ears from there and go back to your hair. Then go to your ensembles. Breathe deeply when doing these things.

8. A special technique for the tips:

If the ends need to come in the same way due to the hair model, fry the almost dry tops with a half-round brush first and then immediately outwards.

9. Forget the prejudices:

Forget about the timings that greasy hair greases more quickly when washed daily. If you feel more cared for, you can shower every day. The important thing is to use a mild shampoo. Do not keep the shampoo in your hair and wash it right away.

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