18 tips to make your hair look thicker

Girls with thin hair can hear you: It’s fun to have easy controllable hair, of course, until you really want to add volume to your hair. The sad fact is, it is impossible to make your hair thicker, but do not worry. With reliable products and the right techniques, you can show your hair fuller without wearing hair.

1. Shade with Lighter and Darker Colors

Adding light and dark shadows is one of the most underestimated and unexpected methods of gaining depth.

2. Use Powder

The polymers in the shaping and thickening powders are extremely effective to impart a weightless density.

3. Keep it short

Once hair reaches the shoulders, the hair begins to wear out and look thinner. Keeping your style short and light will show your hair more vividly.

4. Open your hair color

Yes, the openers damage the hair, but after opening the hair flakes, the hair strands appear thicker. The light colors you add to the hair, even if not all around, will make your hair appear much more voluminous.

5. Try the Hair Foam

As a styler to bulk your hair, you can choose products in foam form.

6. Shine

You can choose products that give a brilliance as the last touch. Remember, bright hair always gives a fuller look.

7. Dry your hair in reverse direction

Your hair drying technique can make your hair tones look thicker and can ruin this look! Take care to use the Fen Machine by moving it without focusing on one single point. Even tilt your hair forward to hold the machine from below. This will make your hair appear much more voluminous.

8. Regular Haircut

This rule applies to hair care in all styles and lengths. A regular haircut keeps the hair properly, preventing the hair ends from entering the worn look, which helps the hair look thick and healthy.

9. Use Your Hair Wavy

Since the ’80s, perms have come a long way! If you have thin, flat hair that suffocates your life, using your hair wavy will prevent it from quickly disappearing. With the fashionable “Beach Waves” style of recent years, you can create long lasting waves.

10. Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos make it possible to volume your hair anytime you wish. All you have to do is apply some amount to your hair diploma and mix your hair with your fingertips.

11. Thoroughly stop

Care products that do not rinse well will weigh your hair and destroy the voluminous image. So make sure that all your hair care products come out of your hair while your hair is dying.

12. Scan

The excess hair may cause you to break, but using a fine-tooth comb you can catch the volume you want by scanning the tips of your hair and the back of your head.

13. Use Curly

The big black hair used in the dry hair adds vitality to the hair. Fix the waves with a powerful Spray full of Goldwell Big Finish that gives up the volume after challenging gravity to challenge the gravity.

14. Fold Cut

The hair cut in the same size as the whole is more faint than the appearance. You can throw it between your hair and animate your view with short folds to make your tips appear more pleasant.

15. Massage your head deep

It looks ridiculous, but gently massage your head deeply in a circular pattern will increase blood circulation, which will make your hair longer and stronger. You can try Alfaparf Scalp Care Stimulating Elixir if you also want to feed your hair during massage.

16. Tilt into Different Directions

Tilting your head in a different direction is the fastest way to add volume. Turn your dry hair to the opposite side and quickly get an attractive look.

17. Use the Right Shampoo

Moisturizing shampoos are not the right choice for thin hair that needs volume. Volume shampoo developed specifically for thin hair, it will be the right choice.

Lightweight damp or dry hairs, braided ork neaded on a bun hair make a perfect look and require very little effort. Do not forget to use fabric hair band to prevent breakage.

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